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From Corporate Videos to Explainer Videos, we deliver end-to-end video production for all corporate requirements. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the list below, contact me and let’s discuss your requirements. Chances are we’ve done something similar over the past 10 years.

Corporate Videos

These videos tell your company’s unique story – through the eyes of your employees, and/or through a narrator.

How do you create a compelling, dynamic, well-crafted storyline that will have your audience watch the video again and again?

Corporate Video Services | On Point Video Production
Product Video Production for Business | On Point Video Production

Product Videos

Your product is the “Hero” in these marketing videos. 

How do you create a product video that is both informative and entertaining, without overwhelming your audience with technical specs and details?

Explainer Videos

Sometimes you need to communicate a message that is both novel and complex. 

How do you simplify this complex message, and ensure that your audience maintains interest while absorbing key insights? 

Creating Explainer Video Animations | On Point Video Production
Creating Manufacturing Tour Videos | On Point Video Production

Video Tours

Sometimes your people and your facilities are the best way to showcase your company’s competitive differentiation. And a video is the most effective way to tell this story.

How do you leverage the knowledge and passion of your employees to give an impressive virtual video tour?

Social Videos (for Business!)

Even Industrial and Technology companies need a social presence for employees and stakeholders.

How do you create an entertaining social video that your audience will want to share?

Social Media Videos for Business | On Point Video Production
Creating Event Videos for Business | On Point Video Production

Event Videos

Sometimes you’ll need a video that “breaks the mold” and creates an impact at a global trade show or other key event.

How do you create a video that stands out in such a noisy, competitive environment?

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