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Why use a Video Drone?

Since their introduction in 2013 by pioneer DJI, commercial video drones have added spectacular footage to all kinds of videos, both outdoor and indoor. In its simplest form, drone videography replaces traditional, expensive cranes, lifts, and dollies for various motion shots. But drones videography goes beyond these simple applications. Drones can soar at above trees, valleys, and lakes to showcase location, and yet fly along roads, under bridges, and within forest canopies unlike planes or helicopters.

And you can get all this capability relatively small capital cost.

Drones are popular in construction, tourism, natural resource sectors, and many other industries.

So why doesn't everyone use Video Drones? Because -- even when supported by flight programs and intelligent flight modes --they are quite difficult to use. And in many jurisdictions, Video Drones require a government certified operator and operate within strict government guidelines.

External Drone Footage by On Point Video in Tourism

External and Internal Drone Footage by On Point Video in Manufacturing

Key Features To Look For

Thinking of adding some spectacular drone footage to your next video. Our suggestion is hire a professional, someone that specializes in this field and has logged 100s of flying hours. And if you're thinking of making this commitment yourself, check out some training/ certification, and look for these features in a video drone.

  • Minimum 4K resolution and ability to shoot in 60 frames-per-second because of inherent drone motion.
  • Its a moving video camera, so make sure you get the resolution and camera control features you need.
  • Fully loaded with safety features, including automatic Return-to-Home, obstacle avoidance, etc.
  • Intelligent flight modes so you can pre-program routes and views.
  • Continuous flight time of at least 15 minutes.

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