What is a Videographer | OPV Glossary

What is a Videographer or DOP?

An effective, well-seasoned Videographer (aka DOP or Director of Photography) does not simply point-and-shoot great pictures. They are an essential part of the production unit as a whole, and responsible for getting the exact look the video producer and video director envision.

Videographers are not only creative, but highly-skilled technically. Videographers are in charge of assembling the proper equipment to capture the needed footage. This includes cameras, lenses, rigs, lights, audio, etc. Digital videography involves setting-up and maintaining complex equipment, including digital cameras, drones, servo-driven camera stabilizers.

The Videographer is usually part director, part soundman and part editor. They will work in the studio, in remote locations, and also as part of the post-production team that edits and prepares the finished video product the viewers will see.

How to chose the right videographer for your Video project

For smaller video projects, the Videographer often becomes a one-person team, handling everything from filming, to editing, to output of the final digitally-optimized video, ready for uploading to various video platforms.

For larger projects, the Videographer is usually complemented by a full team of video production pros, including producer, director, script writer, sound technician, lighting technician, and editor. This allows the videographer to focus on capturing the absolute best footage, while collaborating with other seasoned video production professionals, sharing production ideas and strategies, for a better overall video project.