Video Editor

What is a Video Editor?

When most people think of editing, they think of a person sitting in the edit suite arranging shots into the correct order to tell a story. Although this describes the basic editing function at it’s most fundamental level, it is a very simplistic view of the actual process.

Video editors play the central role in post-production. Video editing is where the "magic" happens.

Good editing is not simply about assembling footage in the correct order. Rather, it’s about designing a complete package, setting the mood, pace and flow of the story. Editors work closely with the director from start to finish during the post-production process.

Today's video editors use sophisticated video editing softwares - like Adobe Premiere & Adobe AfterEffects - that deliver Hollywood-like editing capability.


How to chose the right video editor for your Video project

Next to the Videographer and Director, the Video Editor is the most important member of the video production team.

Great Editors have creative flair, technical expertise to deal with sophisticated editing software and tools, and must have a thorough appreciation of the subject matter. A skilled editor can compensate for less-than-ideal footage, and stitch together a seamless storyline from disparate individual clips. Their skill-set is central to the over-all quality, impact, and effectiveness of the final video product.