Video Director | OPV Glossary

What is a Video Director?

A Video Director translates the approved script into video. He or she works closely with the production team to capture the intended vision for the video, directing and guiding the crew to achieve the desired creative end-product. 

Whats the difference between the Director and the Producer? In short, the Director handles the creative side of the video project, while the producer handles the business side.

Directors work closely with Video Producers on scheduling details, crew selection, and budgets.


Who should play the Role of Director?

The Director needs to have:

  1. Knowledge about the subject matter and the target audience.
  2. Thorough familiarity with video production, so that the final video is both creative and cost-efficient.
  3. Good people-skills, since you need to work with a variety of creative people.

For smaller projects, the marketing manager on the client side can often act as the Director. Or the videographer can assume the role of Director.

For larger projects, with several production team members and lots of different pieces coming together from a variety of sources, it is preferable to have a dedicated Director to ensure that the final video is cohesive, creative, and  cost-efficient.