Video Editing Software for Corporate Video Production | On Point Video

How sophisticated does your Editing Software need to be?

Most of the "magic" happens in the video editing, or post production, stage. Great footage alone won't deliver a powerful, cohesive story. And a great video editor needs the right tools, including the right video editing software, to weave that compelling story.

At On Point Video, we rely on the Adobe Suite of video creation tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and Adobe After Effects to visual effects and motion graphics. These softwares are super responsive, stable, fully integrated, and have all the professional tools we need. And they are supported by a whole suite of creative programs for video production, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate and Adobe Character Animation.

By the way, not everyone needs such sophisticated tools. For example, many of our clients cut and edit their own small videos, for internal communication or for simple presentations. And for editing these simple videos, they use a variety of inexpensive or even free tools such as iMovie, which even allows mobile video editing.


Key Features To Look For

Don't get attracted to sophisticated features and capability that you will never actually need. Advanced editing softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightworks , and Avid Media Composer will require a professional editor to efficiently deliver videos.

At On Point Video Productions, these are the video editing software features we most rely on:

  • Native integration with motion-effects software like Adobe After Effects
  • Advanced colour correction to compensate for the different lighting conditions encountered in corporate video production projects
  • Advanced colour keying and masking, such as when working with green-screen footage
  • Advanced audio mixing and filtering when working with music track, background sound, and voice-on-camera
  • Program stability, even under demanding non-linear editing conditions with 4K footage
  • Support for every camera, format, and platform