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The Importance of 3D Camera Stabilizers

One of the most dramatic innovations over the past few years in the corporate video production field has been the introduction of the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, a device that allows for silky-smooth, fluid camera motion and subject tracking while on the move. A gimbal uses fast and extremely accurate servo-motors and intelligent sensors to support and stabilize a camera.

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At On Point Video, we use two types of gimbals or steadycams:

3 Axis full motion Servo-driven Gimbal - like the DJI Ronin 2 Professional - for heavier cameras and accessories, and heavier motors to adequately handle demanding dynamic-shooting requirements.

Lighter Handheld Servo-driven Gimbal - like the DJI Ronin S - that is easier to set up and compact enough to be carried in a backpack, making it especially useful for travel & tourism production.

Keep in mind that full-size gimbals add substantial weight to the camera setup. When you include the camera, lens, video recorder, and gimbal, the overall weight that your videographer has to haul around, lift and orient with both arms is often in excess of 10 pounds. So it makes sense to invest in a Gimbal Harness or Vest System that balances and moves the weight from the arms to the shoulders.

Key Features To Look For

Gimbals are amazing tools that deliver amazingly smooth footage. But they are certainly not "plug and play" devices. In fact, they requiring substantial setup and calibration each time prior to use. And they put an extra operational demands on the Videographer, who is already burdened with substantial video and audio workload.

When looking for gimbals for your next video shoot, consider these core features to minimize the workload:

  • Easy to setup, balance, and calibrate
  • Minimal weight
  • Allow you to easily adjust the servo dynamics on-the-fly to give you full control over the gimbal's camera stabilization.