Audio Technician with Boom Mike

Shotgun Mic with Boom Pole

Audio Equipment for Corporate Video Production

It's easy to forget about the importance of Audio in Video Production. And yet without high-quality audio -- voices, ambient sound, music -- the video production falls flat. Great audio often separates the pros from the amateurs.

Make sure you have the right equipment that will record clear, good quality sound. Most of the microphones built into cameras are omnidirectional and record unwanted sound from every direction. Instead, try using an external audio source like a good quality off-camera, directional mic.

Shotgun MicrophoneHaving a shotgun mic can prepare you for almost every situation. It's the perfect mic to set up on top of a boom pole with a shock-mount, and comes in handy when capturing audio from a group or in a crowd scene situation.When shooting outdoors you may need to add a small windscreen to minimize noise.

Lavalier Microphone - Lavalier Microphones are the perfect solution for high-quality interview audio. We recommend investing a little extra to get a great wireless version, which allows you to record the subject when moving.

HeadphonesGetting great audio also means monitoring the sound at all times while shooting. Finding a good quality, comfortable set of headphones to make sure you avoid any nasty audio surprises when you get back from the shoot is a must-have item.

Audio Recorders - Recorders are required when recording more than one audio source at the same time. And if your camera only has basic sound recording options, you may be better off recording sound with a separate audio recorder and then syncing the sound up in your editing program.

Who controls Audio Recording?

The need for good sound quality in a video production is often overlooked. When the sound is good, it usually goes unnoticed because it matches what we expect to hear. But when the sound quality is bad, it quickly becomes obvious. Not only is it distracting, but it cheapens the quality of what could have been a great video project.

For simple projects recording background with the video, or in interview sessions with a single lavalier microphone, the Videographer or DOP can handle audio capture with the video capture.

For more involved projects, with multiple audio sources, such as during a panel discussion or presentation at an event, an Audio Engineer or Audio Technician is required to ensure successful audio recording.

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