We all know that video is the number one preferred source of content for travellers as they select their next travel destination. But will just any video be able to satisfy the high expectation of these travellers? Or are there specific “ingredients” that will make your next travel and tourism video stand out from the crowd, and motivate travellers to book your destination?

Over the years, we’ve found 4 key ingredients to be essential in an effective travel video that deliver business results. And it just happens that these 4 ingredients are also the secrets shared by some of the industry’s biggest travel pioneers.

#1: Showcase your Location in its full Glory

“Travellers love to find inspiration through Video” – Condé Nast

It’s no longer enough to simply read about different destinations around the world, nowadays people want to see them in all their glory. A video comes closest to experiencing a location without actually visiting. We achieve this through epic visuals full of vibrant colors and dynamic camera work, including spectacular drone footage, all layered over great audio tracks that will immerse the viewer completely into the experience they can expect when they visit. Our aim must always be to create an emotional connection that fills the audience with a desire to immediately get away to that destination.

#2: Showcase the little (but ultra-important) Details

“It’s the little things that make your operation first class” – J Willard, Marriott International

They say it’s the little things that count, and when staying in luxury hotels and resorts it is the greatest truism. Luxury hotels know the small details that exemplify their service and make your stay more comfortable. This requires hyper-vigilance about every detail from the top to the bottom, ranging from the fresh flowers at the lobby, the carefully folded napkins on the dining table, to the efficient check-in and check-out process at the front desk. And your video needs to capture that attention to detail.

#3: People like to see People (both staff and guests)!

Don’t hire people to fill a position, select people to fulfill a dream” – Horst Schulze, Ritz Carlton Hotels

Luxury hotels take care of all the little extras, but it’s the staff that really makes the difference. And capturing your staff on video, focused and committed, going the extra mile for your guests, is key to attracting the discriminating guest. In many respects, despite all the investment in “bricks & mortar” at top luxury resorts and hotels, it is the staff that truly makes the difference. And focus on your guests. Travellers will transpose themselves into your video. Can they see themselves in your video?

#4: Wrap your message in an interesting Story!

If you have a message that you want remembered, wrap it in a story” – Thomas Cook

In the end, ultimate success of any travel & tourism video project will rely heavily on the art of visual storytelling. Memorable travel experiences are all about stories. So find the story that connects the location, the details, the people, and motivates your prospective customer to pick up the phone or fill out the reservation online.

If you’re ready to tell your story, and are looking for a video partner that is able to capture all the magic of your travel destination, email us or call me directly at 416-930-1865