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Want to create truly compelling video? There are many components of great corporate video communications, but here is my list of the top 3 key ingredients…

From my experience as a videographer and editor working with some of the top global brands, here is my list of top 3 key ingredients for creating truly compelling video:


1. Tell a compelling Story

First, the visuals have to tell the story, even if you turn the audio off. Every shot has a purpose. No distracting effects or eye-candy that aren’t integral to the storyline.  Consistent motion – not jarring — that makes it easy for your audience to consume your content. Smooth, natural transitions. A visual symphony.


2. Music that supports your Storyline

Second, music has a tremendous impact on creating a mood that supports your storyline.  Music focuses attention on the video, emphasizes key points, moves the viewer along the storyline, and generally supports rather than distracts from the message. Never competing with the voiceover.  In corporate videos, the soundtrack should never be the dominant element. The combination of music and video will make you watch the video again and again.


3. Fully leverage Video Production Technology

Third, make sure you take full advantage of all the latest technology in video production, especially in videography, to create stunning, cinematic videos at a fraction of the cost. Crisp high-resolution videos from pro digital equipment up to 4K resolution and beyond.  Use of drones to capture overview footage, inside plants or outside, replacing the need for helicopters and lifts. Servo driven gimbals to create smooth run-and-gun footage.  Stunning cinematic footage at surprisingly affordable cost.

Now there are clearly a lot of other requirements to film and edit great corporate videos, and you’ll find the complete list here at On Point. But that’s my top  3.

If you’d like to know more about how our team at On Point Video, and how we can create incredible, compelling video for your next video project, just give us a call.

Matt Kuhn | Videographer | On Point Video Productions


President - On Point Video Productions

Matt has been a professional Videographer and Video Editor since 2015, working across North, Central, and South America.

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