SOHO Dental Intro Video

Video Objectives

  • Turnkey Video Production, by a team that is as passionate about their organization as they are.
  • Position and differentiate SOHO in their hyper competitive Toronto dental clinic market, based on their unique approach, their passion, and their commitment to their clients.
  • Showcase Dr. Haji, their principal dentist and clinic owner, since dentistry is highly relationship based, and patient/dentist trust is paramount.

Production Challenges

  • Filming in extremely tight clinic environment. Solution: Use a lightweight, compact handheld 3-axis servo-driven gimbal to deliver smooth camera motion in extremely close quarters.
  • Leveraging the passion and expertise of Dr. Haji to tell a high-impact, relevant story. Solution: Pre-shoot interview to understand the organizations differentiation, and a well-organized on-camera sessions to draw out the right responses. Making the process efficient and fun. Screening and expert editing to create a smooth, compelling, credible storyline.

Client Testimonial

Powerful Story. Impressive Video.

"The On Point Video team captured our core differentiation. They powerfully told our story. From start to finish, they made the process easy and fun: an impressive video with minimal effort on our part. Thanks Axel, Ivan, and Matt for your professionalism. You are a pleasure to work with!"

Dr Feisel Haji
Dr Feisel Haji SOHO Dental