On Point will collaborate with your marketing team to reach your marketing and business objectives via the exceptional power of online video promotion. Whether you are looking to generate revenue, increase sales leads, enhance awareness, promote education, or generate donations --we can help get you there with sophisticated online video promotion strategies.

Video Advertising

Video-based advertising is now the most powerful form of digital advertising available, outperforming static display advertising more than 12 times and traditional advertising more than 35 times. We’ll help you distribute your video commercial directly to your target audience honing in on geography, demographic segmentation, and interests.

Video and Social Media

Video is hyper effective as native, unpaid, or paid (sponsored) content in all your targeted social communities. We’ll collaborate with your SMM team to boost the effectiveness of your social strategies, and boost social media engagement, amplification, and conversions.

Video and SEO

Because searchers prefer videos over other types of content, videos are increasingly showing up on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), and can help boost the organic rankings of your conventional pages and posts. Videos have special meta-tag requirements to help Search Engines fully understand, index, and promote your video content. And the careful targeting of search “keywords” is critical to ensuring that your video content can be easily found by your audience.

Take the First Step

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