Showcase your Videos on the right Video Platforms

A lot has happened since the first video was uploaded to YouTube in 2005. Today, there are literally hundreds of online video platforms to help you showcase and distribute your videos to your target audience: each with their own requirements, limitations, and optimization parameters.

On Point will help you and your team to navigate these complex options, and guide you towards the right choices for your video marketing campaigns.

The Top 3 Online Video Hosting Platforms for Business

Video Hosting platforms are cloud-hosted platforms that allow you to efficiently host, organize, manage, publish, and measure on-demand and live video. They provide video encoding for optimum playback, syndication, interactivity options, even monetization, and custom players to optimize the video interface and brand your videos.

YouTube: Your best option for reaching the biggest audience. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and the most popular video hosting platform boasting over 5 billion videos watched daily. In addition, videos hosted here will help your website’s organic search engine rankings with the all-powerful Google’s Search Engine. The cons include a hyper noisy environment, a cluttered player interface, plenty of limitations, and the high risk of disrupting your target audience with advertising and other unrelated cat, dog, and music videos.

Vimeo: The second largest video hosting platform features a cleaner, elegant player interface to showcase and brand your video. Although Vimeo started out as a hosting platform with features attractive primarily to creatives, Vimeo has recently added a bunch of power-user features that now make this our top overall choice for business video hosting.

Wistia: The video hosting platform exclusively designed for business. Wistia goal is designed to drive traffic back to your own website, and offers robust analytics to deliver insight on your viewing audience. Wistia is also designed to assist in lead generation campaigns, and integrates with popular marketing automation platforms like Marketo and Pardot. Like Vimeo, it offers a customizable player to brand and fully control the video viewing experience. On the downside, Wistia is not a video-discovery platform, and will not help you increase the conversations about your video content.

There are many other options beyond these “Big 3” online video platforms. Which option is right for you and your target customers? On Point will help you make the right choice.

Our Travel & Tourism highlight reel, hosted on Vimeo

Social Platforms for Video Marketing & Distribution

Almost all Social Channels are increasingly focusing on Video advertising, engagement, and sharing. Find the social communities where your target audience hangs out – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or other – and On Point will help you optimize your video content for each platform to reach, engage, and covert that audience.

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