Demonstrate Video Return-On-Investment

As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure!”. Online Video Analytics are critical to helping you assess the success of your video marketing, fine-tune future performance, and demonstrate Return-On-Investment (ROI) to your executive team.

But you’ll need more than “View Rate” or “Click-through Rate” metrics to truly determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. You’ll need real business Key-Performance-Indicators (KPIs) like “Conversions” and “Assisted Conversions”. On Point will show you how you can navigate and simplify the complex world of video analytics.

We’ll help you measure video success

Here are some of the online video metrics and KPIs we’ll help you track and integrate with the rest of your web analytics:

  • Play Rate:  What is the ratio between number of plays and the number of video impressions?
  • Watch Time: How much of the video is consumed by users. What percentage of users  viewed 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or all of the video?
  • Click-through Rate: What percentage of viewers clicked through to your call-to-action?
  • Conversion Rate: What percentage of viewers converted (sales, sales lead, etc.) versus non-viewers? How much "lift" did the video provide?
  • Amplification Rate: How much is your video content shared among your target audience?

And, if needed, On Point will integrate these metrics into an easy-to-understand, real-time video analytics dashboard using Google Data Studio.  Key insights that you can share with all members of your marketing team – a dashboard that details these KPI over time by campaign, by geography, by device, and other dimensions.

Integrating Video metrics with your Web Analytics

There is nothing more frustrating than looking at pages and pages of performance data from different reporting packages. On Point will help you integrate video performance data into your core web analytics packages, such as Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. So you will have all the performance data you need in one easy-to-access location.

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