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A great travel marketing video must have the ability to bring out a range of emotions from viewers, may it be happiness, wanderlust or curiosity, through unique storytelling structures, immersive visuals and breathtaking audio. A great travel video with a perfect balance of these attributes will be able to keep viewers engaged throughout the entire length of the video and leave them wanting more.

Every day, millions of people sit in their office cubicles dreaming of their perfect vacation, and video marketing is a way to draw them in. For most people, international travel is a dream, and some save up money for their whole lives for a trip like this one. When people see that this kind of vacation is attainable, they get excited because they understand that their dream can become a reality.

The very nature of travel lends itself well to visual media. These days, travel brands of all sizes are consistently creating compelling video pieces that engage audiences, make innovative use of emerging formats, and connect across multiple platforms.

Tourism Marketing

According to Google, most consumers aren’t brand-committed these days. For example, 78% of leisure travelers haven’t decided what airline they will travel with, and 82% haven’t chosen the accommodation provider they will book with when they first start thinking about a trip.

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Destination Travel

This type of video is a great vehicle for showcasing History, Culture, National Parks, and Great Outdoors experiences that await international visitors in various parts of the world. Travellers will get a breathtaking look at the grandeur and diversity of landscapes, with a window to some of the most iconic locations in the world.


Adventure Travel

One of the fastest-growing trends in the travel business is ‘adventure tourism’. Defining exactly what it means is a bit tricky. For some, adventure could mean leisurely biking and hiking tours. For others, it might entail BASE jumping into an underground cave in Mexico. 

Journey Travel

Most of the fun is in getting there. Cruising along the picturesque Amalfi coast. Hitting the road driving through historic Europe. Experience western Canada’s most breathtaking scenery from Calgary to Vancouver on the world renowned Rocky Mountaineer, and culminating your voyage sailing through the glaciers of Alaska on a dream cruise vacation. 


In our over 40 years of video production experience, we’ve come to realize that creating high-impact video communications involves more than just “shoot & edit”. So we’ve created a turnkey, end-to-end offering to ensure that you will get full return on your video production investment.

Professional Services Videos | Storyline Development | On Point

Marketing Strategy & Story Development

  • Marketing Positioning and Differentiation Strategy
  • The Art & Science of Storytelling
  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
Technology Drone Lens Flying Camera Gadget

End-to-End Video Production

  • Full On-location and In-Studio capability
  • Deep pool of video production resources
  • Pro Cinematic equipment including 4K capable pro-drones for those breathtaking aerial shots
Online Video Analytics | On Point Video Productions

Video Marketing & Analytics

  • Video Platforms to host & showcase your videos
  • Video Distribution across channels
  • Video Analytics to demonstrate ROI


We absolutely love our work, and we love to see our clients thrilled with the results. In over 40 years, we've built a reputation for always delivering results and making the entire process fun and rewarding for everyone involved in the video project.

"Filming the Panama Cruise mini-doc requires meticulous production planning and run-and-gun expertise. You can't pause a 100,000 ton cruise ship. Our passengers absolutely loved the authentic feel of this video travelogue"

Anna Navarro

Director of Communications

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