A track record of delivering video success in Key Industries

At On Point, our particular skill -- driving business results via video storytelling -- has found traction in 3 key markets:

  1. B2B Manufacturing, Mining, and Industrial Technology:  Global markets. High risk. Large capital. Complex products & services. Multiple decision makers and influencers. Long decision timeframe. Business relationships are key.
  2. B2C Travel & Tourism Videos:  Stunning visual storytelling. People-centered.
  3. B2B Professional Services Videos:  Thought-leadership. Expertise and experience on display.  Medical. Legal. Engineering. Accounting. Consulting.

Why these 3? Perhaps many years of working in these markets has given us an understanding of the industry, the language, and the motivations. Perhaps a natural fascination with these markets. But whatever the reason, we have demonstrated again and again an ability to turn out highly relevant and effective video communications for these markets.


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