Visual Craftsmanship.  Edited to create Magic.

Our camera teams combine technical expertise with visual craftsmanship to deliver high-impact videography. We can run & gun or we can create long, beautiful moments. We can shoot on location or on green screen in studio. We can cover events or create feature films. And, with our sizeable virtual video production team, we can scale a production crew appropriate to small or large productions, in Canada, or across the globe.

We can handle virtually any scenario or circumstance. Whatever the aesthetic—from training clips to documentary to full cinematic — we deliver the know-how, passion and experience to realize your vision. The nuance of lighting, the subtlety of proper lens selection, the power of movement—these are the intangibles that you might not know to ask for, but that you fully appreciate when you see the results.

  • Fully Scalable Production Crews
  • UHD, 4K Production
  • Single & Multi-Cam Setups
  • Aerial Video Drones (Licensed Commercial Operators)
  • On-site, or in studios both large and small

"Eye Candy" footage

Don’t let anyone tell you that poor-quality raw footage can be later “corrected” by digital editing. At On Point, we go out of our way to achieve high quality audio and video footage: hi-resolution, optimized frame-rates, and select compression algorithms using the latest pro video and audio technology. And because we’re perfectionists, you’ll often see us retake a shot two, three, or four times until the crew is satisfied that we have the footage we need. No shortcuts.

Let the Visuals tell the Story

Here’s a test of great video: turn off the audio, and watch the video footage unfold.

  1. Do the visuals alone deliver a clear and compelling message?
  2. Do the graphics assist in the message, or do they get in the way?
  3. Are the transitions and special effects naturally integrated, and almost unnoticeable?

If the answer is yes to all these questions, chances are you’re watching an On Point video.

Take the First Step

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