At the core of every great video is a great story

That "story" can focus on a milestone event, a fascinating new product, or your company’s core value-proposition.

The On Point team can help uncover and shape that story. Whatever the situation, On Point can help you tell your story with high-impact story development. See SOHO's story. See StackTeck's story.

We’ll collaborate with your internal team and/or external partners in:

Fascination: Our Secret Ingredient

Every industry, every service, and every product is fascinating to our team. Why? We are relentlessly curious: Curious about your company’s “secret sauce”; curious about your the needs and motivations of your employees, clients, and stakeholders; and curious about your history, and your plans to change the world.

We harness that fascination, to build a story that will resonate with your audience. Not by dressing up your story with needless creative, but by telling a deceptively simple and compelling visual story.

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling has been integral to human survival for thousands of years. So it should come as no surprise that storytelling is becoming a mega trend in marketing videos as well. On Point excels in using storytelling in corporate videos, television advertising and even product videos.

At On Point, we will leverage thought leaders within your organization to lend credibility to that story: core employees and leaders of today and yesterday. On Point will make this storytelling process effective, fun, and rewarding.

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