Hi-quality videography builds the foundation for great video. But the real magic happens in Post Production: Seamless visual storytelling; well timed transitions that sync with audio components; perfect color balance; just the right amount of graphic and visual effects to support the storyline; and the resonance of the musical score. All combine to create great, compelling video.

On Point leverages the latest digital editing suites for high-impact post production:

  • UHD and 4K Editing
  • Motion Design
  • Graphics & Visual Effects
  • Translations and other Localizations
  • Encoding to optimize your video for various online (and offline) platforms

The Power of Music

Music has been called the universal language, and brands know this, often using music to accentuate their content’s message. Music score reinforces movement and transitions, and adds momentum and emotion to a video. It is often because of compelling background music selection that you’ll want to watch a video again and again.

We have an “ear” for great audio. Clear narration, impeccably timed. Subtle sound effects, when needed. And music that doesn’t compete with narration, and enhances every scene.

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