The Impact of COVID-19 on Video Production

Covid created massive challenges for the Video Production Industry in Canada. At On Point Video, we continued to support our clients with video marketing solutions by thinking "outside of the box".
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This is a time of change for many businesses. At On Point Video we are ready to assist in helping to meet the future needs of our clients. It goes without saying that businesses needed to adopt to new working methods on the fly. But even in this time of uncertainty, creating successful marketing and sales content is still possible.

While the coronavirus situation has presented a new set of challenges, business leaders are jumping on board to use video services to keep information flowing. I think we can all agree that it’s an emotionally stressful time right now. I think we can also agree that video is one of the best ways to connect with people on an emotional level.

Companies that have lost the opportunity to see clients face to face at annual trade shows, industries that require continuing education credits, and companies with large workforces that must now adapt to working at home are some of the challenges, and opportunities that can be solved with video services.

At On Point Video we have also been impacted in a big way, with productions already in progress being halted, and new projects on the schedule postponed indefinitely.  But we will get past this. And things will return to a more “normal” situation. Perhaps a “new normal”. But businesses need to get back to work.


The New Normal

Overall, for videographers and video production companies COVID-19 has created a real problem. Most productions require video teams to go on location to capture content where you have to physically be with people in order to capture them on camera. But when you have to be respectful of social distancing and other mandates from companies and governments, you can’t do that.

So what can we do?

Now is the time for production companies and videographers to become more creative and think outside the box to find new ways to continue creating compelling content and engage with their audiences. It’s easy to get caught up in the negative side of all this, and without taking anything away from the seriousness of the current situation; instead of looking at the can’ts, and shouldn’ts we need to be considering some of the alternatives, and opportunities that will allow us to continue creating compelling content, and engaging audiences.


Reconsidering the on-location Shoot

Many people tend to focus on the ‘physical shoot’ – when cameras are out and rolling. But often we miss considerations for the planning side of things. With all of our video shoots we always understood that planning is our foundation to any video. Without correct and thorough planning, that foundation won’t hold up. Under current conditions, live-action video production can sometimes become a pretty challenging proposition when your company practices social distancing. We can mitigate some of these circumstances by practicing physical distancing, wearing masks, and perhaps moving away from lavalier microphones, and other equipment that require close contact.  We need to think outside the box, and look at new techniques, new tools, and new processes … maybe desktop camera recordings, as they do now on all major networks.


Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos may also have a particular value at this time because they can provide some truly useful information, and customers will appreciate that you can hear them and are responding to their needs and their concerns during a difficult time. Right now, audiences need brands to offer real value through their content — not try to sell, and explainer videos are uniquely positioned to provide that value.


Repurposing Existing Video Footage

If you have existing video with us or someone else, using past project video files, repurposing existing footage, and update material you already have to create a new project might be another solution. Keeping storytelling at the top of mind, we can repurpose existing assets from our archives or even take past video projects and re-shape the message and story.

Stock video is also abundant in this day and age, and in some cases quality footage is available without needing to go out and shoot on location.


Collaborating at Distance

Collaboration is always our first priority and we will continue to collaborate utilizing all of the tools we have at our disposal such as Vimeo Pro’s ability allowing people at various locations to actively collaborate on editing projects.


Thinking outside the Box

But how can we think of ways to continue to create compelling content in this current climate? How can we use technology, such as the various web conferencing opportunities, to create content? How can we use our cell phones or whatever digital gadgets we have to our advantage? I know quality will not be the same, but everyone’s in the same boat. This is a world-wide pandemic. People are going to be much more forgiving and understanding when it comes to the quality of what you’re putting out.

Obviously, we want to produce the highest quality work, but at the end of the day it’s really about the content, the story, being creative, showcasing your brand, and making an authentic, emotional connection with your audience. It just continues to solidify the fact that content and the story that you tell is king. For us, at On Point this has always been, and will always be, number one.

Matt Kuhn | Videographer | On Point Video Productions


President - On Point Video Productions

Matt has been a professional Videographer and Video Editor since 2015, working across North, Central, and South America.

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