Travel and Tourism Videos

Key Ingredients of an effective Travel & Tourism Video

We all know that video is the number one preferred source of content for travellers as they select their next travel destination. But will just any video be able to satisfy the high expectation of these travellers? Or are there specific “ingredients” that will make your next travel and tourism […]

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What is a Videographer | OPV Glossary

The Importance of Camera Movement in Video Production

Whether it’s an industrial hi-tech video project, tourism or destination travel video production, or simply an explainer or a product video, camera motion adds a whole new “dimension” to the video story being told. You’ve heard the expression: “follow the action”. Camera movement, following the action, adds a sense of […]

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Video Storytelling in Tourism3 | On Point Video Productions

The Power of Visual Storytelling in Tourism and Travel Marketing

It seems that everyone, from corporate marketers, to non-profit campaigners are talking about how important storytelling is nowadays. In the travel and tourism context, it’s not hard to imagine the positive impact of good storytelling. In fact, if there is an industry practically made for video marketing, it would be travel.

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