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In my many years of working with corporate clients from around the world, coast to coast in Canada and the US, as well as, some countries in Europe and South America, I’ve come to realize that there really are only three major building blocks that will contribute to a successful corporate video production project.

These are very simply:

  • creating the storyline that will engage and motivate the viewer
  • along with a realistic timeline and budget to complete the project
  • and finding the right partner to collaborate and share your vision

1. Tell a compelling Story

The best corporate videos reflect and project the brand in a way that audiences will engage with it. Beautiful imagery can captivate the audience, yet it is the Story that will motivate the viewer to buy your product and spread the word about your organization. So, we must focus on telling a compelling, and meaningful story first, than find a way to organically work in the company’s message, revealing the passion and dedication that went into building and refining your brand, to make it stand out from the competition.

2. Carefully plan your Budget & Timeline

Pre-planning the video project, along with a realistic time-line and budget, will help with the selection of the right format, style, and length… along with other elements of the program. Sensitivity to sometimes-limited resources comes with years of experiencing every imaginable hurdle that can pop up during the video production process. Finding the right solution in making some adjustments at that time will ensure the video production will always stay on the rails.

Revising an existing budget however, should not mean downgrading the quality of the corporate video project, rather it can aid in allocating resources to the right places. Ultimately, it is not simply the size of the budget that matters, but rather how it is allocated to achieve desired results.

3. Select the right Collaborators

Ultimately, your production partners must fully understand the goals and objectives of the corporate video project. But even more than that, they should definitely share your passion and enthusiasm about your company and your brand. They should guide you through the complete video production process from concept development, script approval, filming, and editing, and have a clear and concise vision to deliver a powerful message that will capture the imagination of the viewer. Finding the right collaborator is perhaps most essential in creating a successful corporate video.

If you’re looking for an experienced corporate video production team to collaborate on your next video project, contact us at On Point Video Productions. From concept, thru production, to video marketing, we look forward to working with you and your team on your next video project.